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This website outlines the professional business services I have to offer yourself and/or your firm, whether that looks like working with you directly on-site, or taking your projects on remotely. Being able to work both locally and internationally affords A Talented Temp to service a variety of clients and industries simultaneously. YOUR project is MY priority!

Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and firms that visit A Talented Temp may be searching for an individual such as myself that can take the lead and show initiative on all projects, while offering the required skills and professional background to meet with certain success.


My name is Patricia Johnson, and I am a highly skilled, seasoned professional who possesses over twenty-five years’ business experience. I am seeking short and long-term “on-site” contract work with firms within the Greater Vancouver area.

I hold strong interests in Human Resources, Real Estate, Research & Business Development, and Marketing, as well as Social Media, having successfully assisted the firms I have engaged with in each of these areas.

My strengths are in document production, database management, computer programs coaching, research, and business development. I am able to handle large-scale projects with attention to detail, success in reaching target audiences effectively, and meeting or exceeding client delivery deadlines.

As I am driven by a positive attitude and proactive approach, I am naturally inclined to explore potential cost-saving efficiencies, and revenue generating opportunities for the firms and professionals that engage my services. I would be happy to share my ideas to address any areas that you feel could benefit from my experience..


A quick ‘Snapshot’ of my Developed Skill Sets include, but are certainly not limited to:

Senior Level Executive/Administrative Assistant, Research & Business Development, Competitive Intelligence, Marketing, Social Media Networking, Business Writing, Database Creation & Management, Supplies Procurement & Contract Negotiations, Data Entry, Computer Programs/Document Troubleshooter, Tech Savvy Administrative Team Leader

‘Industry’ experience to date:

Professional Services (‘Big 4’)

Industrial Psychology


Personnel Staffing Agencies

Printing & Advertising

Provincial & Federal Governments

Real Estate –Commercial, Industrial, Hotel Sales, & Residential

Social Media Marketing

The Web (websites & blogs created & managed by myself, as well as work on client websites)


I would be pleased to help you in any of the following areas, and anything else you may need; no job is too large, or too small!

  • Internet Research per assigned topic(s);
  • Provision of Competitive Intelligence and important news on your competitors;
  • Computer Programs/Document Troubleshooting; Microsoft, Internet, Adobe, etc.;
  • Document Quality Control & Brand Compliance;
  • Advanced Keyboarding Skills – Word Processing/Data Entry (100+ wpm);
  • Marketing & Business Writing;
  • Client Database Management & Maintenance-ensure timely entry & accuracy of data;
  • Assistance with Site/Blog Design, Content Creation, with consistent updates;
  • Assistance with Social Networking/Media Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.; and
  • SEO – listing sites, create a ‘buzz’; build your presence on the ‘global stage’


Doing it ALL






  • Are you finding yourself staying late to complete projects? Eating ‘fast food’ at your desk, working weekends?
  • Do you keep a ‘to do’ list that just keeps growing, because you find you have to add to it daily?
  • Is your website or blog consistently kept ‘up-to-date’ with accurate and ‘on brand data?
  • Are you actively engaged with all your social networking accounts; attracting your contacts with daily posts, comments, and news or important announcements?
  • Do you have ‘assigned staff’ on hand to take care of all of your social media marketing and networking needs?
  • Could you benefit from having an extra set of eyes, and pair of hands to help you get back on top of things?
  • Are your current staffing levels sufficient to assist you with all that you have to do?
  • Do you have proactive and skilled support staff available to you, willing and able to help you?
  • Are you working with complex documents that need advanced formatting edits before client delivery, but don’t quite have the skills required, or know the fastest way to go about it?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with your day-to-day tasks – not enough hours in the day?
  • Do you have a professional and reliable contact to call upon when you need a little extra help on your projects?
  • Do you have a tight staffing budget that does not support hiring a Temp through Personnel Agencies, due to the associated high fees?
  • Are you, or is your firm interested in ‘cost-effective’ administrative assistance, with no employee benefit costs attached?

If you answered YES to ANY of the questions above, you would benefit from having A Talented Temp onside, whether working with you On-Site, or providing you with professional Virtual Assistance.

If you would like to explore areas in which I could clearly assist you, please do contact me directly via phone or email, and feel free to connect with me through your preferred social networking service as well.

I would be delighted to learn of your specific project needs, and discuss my service offerings and VERY MODEST FEES in broader detail. I look forward to hearing from you and establishing a mutually beneficial professional relationship.

Please feel free to share the direct link to my site, get the RSS feed, leave your questions and comments, and come back regularly to impart your valuable feedback on this new site.

Thank You!


A Talented Temp


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