Career Marketing Materials ~ Your Professional ‘Portfolio’




‘Hard Copy’ Professional Portfolio



Q.  First of all, why do you think you need to create a professional portfolio?

A.  Because this empowering tool will allow you to market your capabilities in job interviews and upcoming promotions, as well as other scenarios; such as your performance reviews and your firm’ Learning & Growth (‘L&G’) efforts.

Creating your own portfolio might sound like a daunting task initially, but trust me; it can be terribly gratifying and a very satisfying experience. Allow me to elaborate on precisely what I mean by Portfolio’.

If you review a number of project works that you have created, you will no doubt come across terrific charts created with Excel, excellent PowerPoint presentations, general marketing materials, perhaps report writing, and different styles of documentation created and/or authored by yourself.

Where are these documents stored? I suspect that they are not enjoying space within a nice binder or casing with page protectors to keep them neat and clean. They are more likely to be on your personal computer or network where they lay dormant. This is not good news for you if you are wanting to market your particular talents.

This then begs the question, how are these dormant pieces of creativity serving you to prepare for future interviews or promotion within your firm – whether the interviews are a directive from your manager, or proactively sought out?

If you do not take action now, your creative pieces will remain virtually useless to your marketing and promotion efforts. This does not produce the desired results, which, in my experience, is building your self-confidence, and more importantly, giving yourself a significant edge.

Therefore, I would recommend that you take some time to peruse your projects, and strategically select the most appealing and complex pieces to begin building your hard copy professional Portfolio.

In my own career, I have used a portfolio for many years, and am invariably delighted at the response it prompts. I must admit, in hectic times, it is very easy to forget to incorporate a very good piece, and end up realizing that the opportunity has passed. I sincerely hope that you do not find yourself in a similar scenario.

Additionally, do not forget to include all your kudos for your great work, and going the extra mile when needed! I can guarantee you that your portfolio will prove to be an invaluable asset in your own career growth today, and well into the future.

IMPORTANT: Please also keep in mind that as unfortunate as it is, the reality is ‘layoffs happen frequently’ these days. Therefore, I suggest that you develop your portfolio while you have the chance, and still have easy access to your great works! Keep your Portfolio ‘up-to-date’, and be most selective with your pieces.

Good Luck & have fun with this, but GET ON IT NOW!