Avoid these Interview Mistakes – Part II of II



Welcome back! Here is the balance of my Avoid these Interview Mistakes article. Your feedback is always appreciated and welcomed!

Ask ‘Smart’ Questions

Remember that an interview is a ‘2-way’ street, and is a ‘sales’ process for both parties. Given that you have conducted proper research on the firm, you should have no problem coming up with interesting, and well thought out questions for the interviewer.

Not having a list of solid questions to put forward indicates that you either lack interest in the firm or have not properly conducted your own due diligence. Either way, it is harmful to you!

Alluding to Competition

If you have or expect pending job offers, this is not the time to bring it up, so do not put that out there. If you are contacted with an Offer, you will have an opportunity to negotiate accordingly.

Bypassing the Thank You Letter

Do not forget the all important Thank You letter. Be sure it is clear, concise, and reflects your interview discussion and your keen interest in the position. For this reason, it is wise to prepare your Thank You letter as soon as possible after the interview, while what transpired is fresh in your mind.

Always ask to take notes during the interview. If you are not permitted to do so, which is unlikely, jot down the important points as soon as possible – even if that means using the washroom or elevator, or sitting down outside the building. Keep your notes and questions for each interview carefully separated to avoid any embarrassing moments.

In closing, interviewing is an emotionally draining process, particularly if you are attending more than two per day. Therefore, regardless of your memory retention, you are likely to forget what could turn out to be important points if you fail to take good notes, which should ‘mentally recreate the discussions’ for you. Remember to also practice excellence in your ‘listening’ skills.

Best of Luck to You!