Testing Your Personality ~ 11 Interesting Interview Questions (Part II of II)

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(Continued from Part I of II)

As promised, below is the balance of my article on this interesting topic on Personality Test Questions during the course of a job interview.


7.  What types of hobbies do you enjoy outside of work?

Just like learning about what drives someone in their personal life, discovering how someone spends their time outside of work, and what specific activities they enjoy and invest in, will provide an interesting look into their personality, Fleischman explains.

In addition, hobbies can translate into specific soft and hard skills, which can be applicable to several jobs, and employers are often interested in learning what a candidate has to offer outside of their résumé’ “skills” section.

8.  Can you walk me through a particularly stressful scenario at work, and how you handled it?

This question shows not only the candidate’s ability to think on their feet but also their mastery of ‘tact and diplomacy’, he says.

For example, if the stressful situation was owing to somebody else’s error, was the candidate able to speak about it in a skilled, tactful way? On the other hand, if the stressful situation was ‘admittedly’ due to their own error, it would show a great deal about the candidate’ character by following up with an open, transparent, and ‘accountable’ explanation.

9.  What drives you in your personal life?

Similarly, this question aims to delve into a candidate’s personality and better assess their cultural fit. “By developing a better understanding of a job seeker’s life outside of work, and by learning what drives them personally, an employer can get a much better grasp of the type of personality they would be bringing to the company,” he says.

In addition, painting an image of a candidate’s personal goals can help an employer better understand how motivated they are in general.

10.  If you could meet any celebrity, who would it be, and why?

Many people admire certain celebrities and public figures. Learning about who a candidate would be most excited to meet offers another interesting view into their personality and their values — 2 important and necessary elements of a great cultural fit.

11.  Have you ever played on a sports team?

The answer to this question can reveal personality traits that are important to certain companies, depending on the nature of their business. “For example, a former athlete could be a great team player or, depending on the sport and position they played, may thrive best working on their own,” Fleischman explains.

Sometimes, athletes (current and/or former) possess a competitive nature, which may be a positive trait in some lines of business, and a negative one in others.


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