Meeting Client Needs: Virtual Office Assistants and Freelance Contractors

VOA Graphic Growing Trend


We are all aware of the state of affairs with our current economies, job markets, and the painfully slow recovery process.

Aside from significant transactions in mergers and acquisitions over the past year or so, there is much `re-inventing` going on, in the hopes of achieving the elusive unprecedented success buyers feel await them, as new operators of their chosen business mechanism.

This presents the perfect opportunity for companies to use the services of temporary staffing agencies, Virtual Office Assistants, or Freelance Contractors that are not so emotionally attached to the company/employee relationship.

Firms have warmed to the idea of taking advantage of the obvious benefits attached to using Freelance Contractors, and, perhaps more so, Virtual Office Assistants, which is a market that is growing exponentially on a global scale.

My point is simply this: In using the services of a Freelance Contractor or qualified Virtual Office Assistant:

  • firms receive savings that are immediately realized;
  • benefits are not payable;
  • office space is not necessarily required;
  • the firm laptop is not required;
  • no Staffing Agency fees to pay, nor taxes;
  • ‘given’ – you are dealing with a skilled and respected business professional;
  • current and previous client references supplied; readily checked and verified; and
  • opportunities for free services do exist.

Given our economic conditions, small businesses, as history illustrates, is once again leading the way in our global economies. The majority of small business operations, particularly the single party operations, are women. The strength and success of this group of women have been acknowledged for several years, and I am happy to report, continues to do so today.

Freelance Contractors and Virtual Office Assistants are all ex-employees of firms in any given industry. I believe this group of professionals can, and do, add value for their clients. It is not just the obvious cost savings; there is something far more personal and sophisticated in their client relationships.

It is generally acknowledged that Freelance Contractors and Virtual Office Assistants are professionals with many years of business experience behind them within a diverse group of industries and cultures. This fact alone should attract both small and medium-sized businesses to use their services.

As a Virtual/On-site Assistant, I believe it is in the best interests of firms to hire this group of professionals; perhaps on a significant ‘project basis’, versus taking on the responsibility, liability, training, and expense of permanent, full-time staffing.

As long as project direction and instruction are clearly communicated and reinforced with action, there is no rationale that might support a ‘Virtual Office Assistant’ as not capable to fully fulfill or surpass the desires of their clients in a most professional, skilled, and timely manner.

Any good business, particularly Virtual Office Assistants, will guarantee their client the delivery of professional services in the timeline requested by the client, or the work is FREE of charge. That should be standard practice, and certainly a reasonable expectation for any prospective client.

Please contact me for further information and discussion on the services that I will supply your firm. I guarantee my work and can assure you of service excellence. I would not position myself to deliver anything less, as my continued success and reputation depend on it.

I enjoy supplying firms with added-value services, which include; research, the provision of potential revenue producing opportunities, and competitive intelligence if requested.

As your Virtual or On-site Office Assistant, I will make positive contributions to your firm, if only on a temporary, or one-off project basis.