Grammarly – Clear and Effective Communications Every Time!

I am confident a high percentage of my readers have heard of Grammarly and perhaps use it to some degree as well. It is the #1 writing tool used by people at all levels of life; students, professional writers, business people, bloggers, and others who want to write more effectively. I believe it should be; particularly for those already working in business, or pursuing their entry into the corporate world.

The fact that Grammarly will check your spelling far better than any word processing program, check your grammar, and even adjust your punctuation, all FOR FREE, just boggles the mind, but that is a fact.

Grammarly, based out of San Francisco, is a private, independent company that began back in 2012, and has developed into the world-class writing tool it is today. Frankly, I would not want to be without this fabulous tool, as I use it every single day for all my writing; my Word documents, emails, on social media sites, and anywhere I am on the Web. Wherever I am, Grammarly is right there beside me; acting as my silent partner, ensuring clear and effective writing in all that I share.

Without question, Grammarly should be in every efficient executive and administrative assistant’ toolbox the world over. This wonderful tool can save valuable time and ensure all your documents are 100% mistake-free.

Personally, I find it disappointing when I receive an email that has poor grammar and typos in it, it lowers my professional estimation of the sender immediately, and of course, this also bodes true for websites that also hold many errors – the internet is full of them!

The flip side of that is rushing and missing a small error – such as punctuation perhaps, that you should have caught before hitting the send button. Because I have this ‘add-on tool’ with me wherever I am writing, I don’t even have to think about such scenarios.

Imagine this happening to you as the sender, likely being in a rush, and you do not take the time to proofread, later finding your little mistakes – or worse, they are ‘pointed out’ to you by someone you were trying to ‘impress’, how embarrassing.

So, to make sure you have no worries with all your writing, just get the Grammarly add-on installed in your browser, across all your Microsoft Office programs, and for your Email. Even when you are messaging on your social networks, Grammarly will be there with you, making sure your text is clear and effective!